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Business Internet Bill Too High?

Almost 50% of US companies may be spending too much for Internet service.
Find out easily if you are among them with a FREE review by the experts at
You are paying for Internet service already. You might be able to get more, and pay less!


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Satellite Internet
Dedicated Fiber
Mobile Hotspot
Fixed Wireless
Cable / Coax
Data T-1


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Conference Calling
Hosted PBX
Legacy PBX
Call Center
SIP Trunks
Pots lines
Voice PRI
Toll Free


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Amazon Web Services
International MPLS
Microsoft Azure
Point To Point
Data Center


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Call Center Application
Contract Modification
Mobility / Softphone
Contract Negotiation
Business Continuity
Network Monitoring
Disaster Recovery
Refund Recovery
Amazon Chime

Megs & Gigs Tips

7 Telltale signs that you are spending too much for internet service: plus a BONUS tip!

1. Did you perform a review in the last 6 months?
2. Did you conduct a speed test to verify if you are getting what you pay for?
3. Did you compare your invoice vs. your contract for any unanticipated charges?
4. Did you default to high monthly rates when your contract expired?
5. Did you receive credits for any outages?
6. Did your contracts automatically renew without your consent?
7. Did you get expert help in negotiating your contract?

Contact MegsandGigs today for a proper no obligation review.

Bonus Tip: We will also show you how to get 5% cash back from almost every carrier, including your current carrier.

Megs and Gigs is a division of The Abadi Group with over 100 stars reviews on Google

Stop the bleeding, and say Hello to!

Hello business owners!

Is your company spending more than $300 a month for Internet service?

Are you among the 50% of businesses that are spending too much for Internet service?

Stop the bleeding and say hi to Megs & Gigs, the unique one-stop-shop for fast reliable Internet at the lowest rates possible. proprietary software gathers quotes from our database of 150 carriers nationwide (yours is probably included as well).

Thanks to our tools, your business can get more and pay less, and maybe even get some FREE months.

We will even review your current service for cost saving options, because if you have not had a review in the last 6 months, you are probably spending too much.

Please call 1-800-123-4567 for a FREE review and options for your business, and ask about FREE months at by using code msnbc.

How Do We Do It? is a division of The Abadi Group with over 100 with Google

Some Long Time Clients

Here are a few of our clients who have already saved thousands of dollars on their internet service.


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